The Top List Of Large Dog Breeds!

The Top List Of Large Dog Breeds!

Toying with the idea of getting one of the toy breeds of dogs? Think again, because the large dog breeds are often most the gentle companions you can have. Here’s the top five large dog breeds worth bringing home.

Great Dane
Easily named as one of the largest dog breeds in the world, Great Dane is a great family dog and needs plenty of space and exercise. This breed can be prone to a few health issues, mainly bloat and needs checkups regularly. The world’s tallest dog was a Great Dane name Zeus!

Another heavy breed, Newfoundland is the working dog of the family that can adjust well in cities and needs regular exercise. Their weight must always be in check and grooming is must, but if those two things are checked for, this is the best breed for the kids!

St. Bernard
This is the spectacular family dog you definitely want to own! St. Bernard is known for its size and great temperament, but the breed needs space and exercise, which is common to all large breeds. Also, the health concerns of St. Bernard can mean multiple health checkups.

Irish wolfhound
Some people agree that the Irish wolfhound is like a small horse! Another gentle giant that’s good with the family, Irish wolfhound needs limited exercise but plenty of space. The sad thing is the short lifespan, but as long as you have one around, life is fun!

Anatolian Shepherd
Having an Anatolian Shepherd will mean requiring a large space, because these dogs can be really fast and like running. Hip dysplasia is a common problem in the breed, and if you are a first time pet owner, you should steer clear of Anatolian Shepherd because it can be hard task to train!

Found your canine companion yet? Make a choice with these gentle giants!