The Most Unusual Choices For Every Pet Owner

The Most Unusual Choices For Every Pet Owner

Cannot think beyond a cat or a canine friend? You will be amazed at the unusual pet choices of many pet owners. It’s advisable to check with local laws to know if these animals can be tamed at home.

Unexpectedly cute and very low maintenance, hedgehogs are lovely additions to any family, and contrary to beliefs, this animal is not related to porcupines. There are mixes available to feed these adorable creatures, so caring is not much of a problem. Sadly, hedgehogs are banned in some states in US!

If you fall for the miniature pigs, certainly pork will be off the menu! Pigs are getting popular as pets in many parts of the world and need exercise and diet control to be in their ideal weight. These animals are attention seekers, so families with small children are advised against them. Not to forget, pigs are considered to be highly intelligent!

Sugar gliders
Another strange name on the list, Sugar gliders are getting their due as smart and socially inclined pets. Again, some states in US prevent having them as pets, but for others, these are blissful creatures that are strange to look, easy to love. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, liked to be in pairs and have sharp claws, so families with very young kids need to check the basics.

Among the other on this list are wallabys, skunks, goats, and cockroach. Strange enough, but most pet owners agree these are creatures worth the time and love!