The Best Known Canine Breeds For Therapy And Care

The Best Known Canine Breeds For Therapy And Care

Dogs have been used for offering personal therapy and care for humans and animals for the longest time, and quite obviously, not all breeds qualify to be become therapy dogs. Here’s a take on the best dog breeds that are extensively used for therapy.

Labrador Retriever
Considered to be among the best breeds for therapy, the Labrador retriever is a smart dog that’s compassionate to humans and animal alike. The lab, as the breed is fondly known, is easy to train and qualify for being therapy dogs for seniors and pets suffering from depression.

German Shepherd
Another breed that is known for success with all possible types of training programs, the German Shepherd is easy to nurture and can work for all kinds of therapy needs. The breed is often misunderstood for its wolf-like appearance, but underneath the stunning and robust body is a soft, loyal and healing soul.

This pooch has been extensively used for offering therapy to people, thanks to their easy training and soft ‘awe’ appearance. Beagles are great in terms of temperament and work well with seniors, pets and other dog breeds with ease.

Don’t let the breed rumors haunt you about the Rottweiler, which happens to have everything that takes to become a genuinely caring therapy dog. It’s one of the most trainable and smart breeds around, and that ensures they work around needy people well. Note that not all Rottweiler dogs are approachable, so you want to be sure that the dog is a therapy provider!

Therapy dogs have cured some of the most depressed people, and training one for the purpose certainly is worth the efforts.