The Best House Pets For You

The Best House Pets For You

Many people argue about the best house pets. Some communities and pet stores have even had votes on this matter. However, there are a few pets that top the charts by far. First and foremost would be a dog. The old adage a man’s best friend is true indeed. 

A dog also related to a human being the most. A dog can feel emotions of a human more than any other pet. Dogs also smile and cry just like humans. Dogs also know when humans are said and the like. This is where compassion comes in. 

A dog’s compassion is like no other. A dog can cheer someone up by playing with him or her outside, and a dog can help people get bad thoughts off of their mind. In addition to this, a dog can help people lose weight because dogs have to be walked several times a day.

The next best house pet would be a cat. A cat offers the same amount of love as a dog. However, cats are not as emotional as dogs. Going further, a cat will go after an owner before a dog would commit that act, though this is hard to believe. Most cats are also house cats and never see the outside. This eliminates the exercise feature that comes with having a dog. 

The best thing people could do is try a few different pets for four or five days and see what they like the most. This has worked for many people who desired a house pet.