Five of the best pets for allergy sufferers

Allergies to animal hair are common and can be very unpleasant. You begin sneezing whenever you are in contact with animal hair; you can’t visit anyone with a pet without getting symptoms, such as watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, and rashes that itch. If you have severe allergies, you may not be able to choose the pet that you want, but you can choose one that will not trigger your allergies.

  1. Portugese water dogs, poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon, Coton De Tulear, Basenji, Schnauzers (Great and Miniature,) Wheaton Terriers and many others. Check out the lists on the internet for hypoallergenic dog breeds. These dogs do not shed, or rarely shed and produce less dander than other dog breeds and will not trigger your allergy symptoms.
  2. Sphynx cat. Your allergies are usually triggered by animal hair, so how about a cat with no hair? On the downside, you will have to care for your cat much more than usual, because this type can easily get skin irritations and ear infections.
  3. Turtles. They are small, require little to no care and the most importantly - they don’t have fur.
  4. Rabbits. They do have fur, but not the kind that will trigger allergy symptoms. Some people, however, can be affected by rabbit fur so make sure you are on the safe side before buying one.
  5. Snakes. If you want something more exotic, a snake is the right choice for you. They are fascinating and it’s easy to take care of them as long as you provide them with the food that they need and a comfortable cage.