Best House Pets to Have Around a Newborn

When it comes to a newborn, selecting the appropriate pets to be around them is crucial to their well-being. Now, it not only comes down to the newborn baby but it also has to do with the pet.  Yes, there are some health aspects that you need to take into account. For example, animals do not really share the hygiene standards of a human, let alone a newborn. But then, there are some psychological and emotional factors about your pet that need to be taken care of as well.

Cats and Dogs

These, being the most common household pets, usually play a very important part of families.  Regarding health issues for the newborn, it is important to keep the baby and the dog or cat away from each other.  Cats are especially sneaky so you should watch them carefully.  Do not let the baby and the pet sleep in the same room.  Dogs can become jealous of a newborn. When they see that the attention they once had is turned towards another, they might get too frisky with the baby. Introduce the baby to a dog very gently. The dog will learn to accept the baby as a new member of the family. Mind the size of your dog or cat in relation to your newborn.


There are not many health issues with a fish. The only risk that it may pose is very unlikely:  the fish tank falling over on a baby. Just know that there will really not be any kind of interaction between a fish and a newborn.  Nevertheless, goldfish, for instance, live a long time and the newborn can learn to care for it as he grows. 

Animals in the house are to be looked after. A newborn baby requires a lot of attention and care.  Having pets around a baby can be a positive thing if you can control it appropriately. Growing with pets is great for kids.