Best Cat Breeds Worth Keeping In Apartments

Best Cat Breeds Worth Keeping In Apartments

Cats are curious, and most cat lovers will any day agree that their feline friends have everything that’s expected of a good house pet. If you are considering getting a cat, check these top breeds worth getting home.

Think of the grumpy cat and you will think of the Persian. This is gentle breed to own and is known to be extremely affectionate towards owners. If you like an active cat, this is not the one, but for love and constant petting, no other breed beats the Persian.

Exotic Shorthair
If you are looking for Persian cat without the long hair, the next choice is Exotic Shorthair. This cat breed is same as the Persian in term of temperament and loves to be on the lap. For apartment owners, this is the perfect choice to have.

For homes where dogs and cats need to be in peace with one another, Burmese cat is the apt choice. These cats are acknowledged to be tremendously fond of company and jell well with canine partners. If you are out for work the entire day, this cat needs a partner for sure.

Talk of one of the exotic cat breeds to own, and Birmans is likely among the names you will hear. These cats play well with other pets, dogs and children, but what they are known for is their paws that look singularly different. Birmans don’t really like to be on the lap all the time, but take time of their own. For pet owners who don’t want a pet seeking constant attention, Birman is just perfect.

Before you get your feline partner, consider checking with the vet for exclusive breed details.