Neuter or spay your pet, because you must

Neuter or spay your pet, because you must

If you are thinking about should you spay or neuter your dog, you should do it. This is good for his health and it is a part of responsible pet ownership. Also, this is a socially responsible choice. Every year, millions of cats and dogs, unwanted, are euthanized! The right question is when you should do it. According to Bonnie Beaver from College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University, only cats and dogs that are breeding animals shouldn’t be neutered or spayed. Some hunters believe that if their dog is castrated, he cannot be a good hunting dog, but this isn’t true. 

If you need more reasons why you should do this, here they are.

1.    The first reason is linked to the health of a pet. When you neuter or spay your pet, you reduce a risk of developing certain cancers. Because of this, your pet may live longer. For female pets, neutering or spaying reduces the risk of developing ovarian, mammary and uterine cancer. On male pets, the risk of developing testicular cancer is seriously reduced. 

2.    Pets will be less stressed. According to Beaver, pets want to have their young. If they don’t do this, they will be under stress.

3.    When you neuter or spay your pet, he will get better behavior. Male dogs will stop going on the street, barking and mark their territory with urine. Male cats will stop marking their territory with urine as well. Female cats will stop yowling.

4.    This will reduce the risk of developing urinary tract problems and neutering or spaying will eliminate female canine menstruation.