Most Worthy Dog Breeds For Your Kids

Most Worthy Dog Breeds For Your Kids

Deciding on a dog when you have kids and small children at home isn’t easy, but with the right approach, your little kids can have a canine friend for years to come.

Time and again, Bulldogs have featured as great family dogs. These lazy dogs adjust well in small and large spaces alike and are great with kids. Just ensure that the dog gets ample cool climate within the indoors!

\Bull Terrier
If you have older children at home, Bull Terrier is apt as canine member of the house. These dogs can stay in apartments but need exercise. With the kids, they are great for walks and play time.

Labrador retriever
No other breed replaces the Labrador retriever as the best one for kids. Remember Marley & Me? Labs, as these dogs are fondly called, are great with children of all ages and they do live a long life with less health issues.

If you are not bothered about breed, mutts are just perfect. These dogs are often overlooked, but take a walk of the nearest shelter, and the dog experts can suggest a dog that suits the overall family composition you have. Given these are mixed breed dogs; they don’t tend to have extreme issues with kids.

Newfoundlands are great city dogs, but these dogs need space and exercise. As with the kids, you can trust this canine to be the ultimate nanny while you are away. Newfoundlands adjust well to even smallest of kids with ease.

Before you get a dog home, do your homework on the breed, because puppies and adult dogs demand ample attention from the owner.