Spiders as pets

Spiders as pets

It is not so typical to see people having spiders as pets because a lot of people have a fear of them, and we must say that they don't look too cuddly and kind. In case you are the brave one, and you simply adore these creatures, there are many different types of spiders you can choose.

The spider groups most suitable for captivity are the ones that can hunt on foot, and these include wolf spiders and jumping spiders.

Once you've decided which one you will take, and you have obtained it, you should find a container with holes, to make sure your spider can breathe. It doesn't have to have million holes, two, three or even one is enough.

Pay attention to the size, because larger one is better for the spider to jump and move around.

Make sure to put a small covering of soil or sand in the bottom, and rock or a leaf or any other object, because the spider will be able to hide under it and make its den.

When it comes to feeding, it is not too demanding for you. On average your spider needs to have one or two insects a day, just don't put a big insect in it. You need to put the one that it is not larger than the spider.

The best ones are the ones about half size, like smaller spiders, or flies, or any other smaller insect.

Most spiders can live for up to a month without food, in case they have water, but that still doesn't have to mean that you shouldn't feed them properly.