Should we remove cat's claws or not ?

Should we remove cat's claws or not ?

Cat owners often lose their patience when it comes to cat's claws because they like to scratch everything they see or touch, that's why a lot of things are being destroyed.

Then owners decide they want to remove cat's claws, thinking it will solve their problems, and what is much worse, they think their cat will be able to function like she used to.

Scratching is something completely natural and healthy for every cat. They are not doing this because they want to upset you, they are doing it because they are keeping their claws sharp, because they want to mark their territory, and because they love to stretch.

If you are having an indoor cat, then you are not causing too much damage, but if your cat likes to go outside, she will not be able to protect herself in case she gets attacked. She will be a good prey to every predator.

Their claws are keeping their balance, so if you cut them, they will have to learn to walk again.

You also need to know that a lot of cats become too aggressive once you remove their claws because they feel insecure, and they have a tendency to bite in order to feel protected.

A lot of countries have forbidden this operation, such as England, Japan and Australia.

As you can see there are a lot of negative sides of it, and it is not all about us, sometimes we need to think about our pets and what is good for them.